Mr. Rahul Jagtap-

An absolute people’s person, a politician with an earnest appetite to be of service to his people. His affluence, smoothness, quick wit leaves you spellbound. Suave and possessing the gait of a lion Mr. Rahul Jagtap is the undeniable and ideal Director of SkillKraft solutions. Having a mastery in the field of recruitments and consulting, endowed with an innate quality to apprehend the pysochology of a person,this gentleman is truly the face of brand SkillKraft solutions


Aishwarya Pardeshi-

Gem of skilllkraft solutions Young and coy, but don’t you make the mistake of taking this missy for a toss. Way ahead of her age,fierce, bold.Aishwarya embodies The women in power and a allrounder. Clever, tactical, versatile SkillKraft solutions would be incomplete without her.

Pallavi Kulkarni-

The matriarch of SkillKraft solutions, headstrong and fierce, she is the cofounder of this organisation. The one who invented the vision called SkillKraft Solutions, she was the driving force to make it a reality. Erudite with an experience of two decades, she laid the foundation for training and development for which SkillKraft solutions was established. A trainer by profession, who travelled around the globe, she is a pool of knowledge and expertise.

Zaara shaikh –

Punctual, Regular, Strict and Consistent employee of skillkraft solutions. Every brick in the building plays a pivotal role and Zaara was one of the essential brick of skillkraft solutions.

Deon Lee-

Aggressive, dynamic, charming and magnetic is what describes him aptly. With an experience of more than a decade into recruitments and consulting this guy worked as the perfect catalyst for Skillkraft solutions. His expertise garnered over the many years proved to immensely valuable when Skillkraft solutions was just germinating.

Suchita Gaikwad Bhagat-

Another gem of SkillKraft solutions, Suchita wove strong relationships of SkillKraft with candidates. Affable, pleasant, engaging is what forms her substance. An intriguing blend of professionalism and yet benign she had a unique strength of forging firm bonds.

Hrudyesh Ahir-

A knack to spark a scintillating camaraderie with clients and candidates, full of passion and innovative are the qualities which rhyme well with Hrudyesh. A thorough gentleman, Hrudyesh was one of the strongest pillars of SkillKraft solutions.

Bhakti Ahir-

“The tigress”. Impeccable strength to tackle difficult situations, extremely dedicated, a thorough professional, headstrong, courageous she truly personifies a Tigress. Determined and willing to overcome any hurdle to achieve the goals for SkillKraft solutions, is what makes her a jewel for this organisation.

Ishita Singh-

A vibrant young lady, she was dedicated, strong and a great team player. A contradictory lend of, carefree attitude yet focused, she had a undeniable talent to connect with the client and the candidate.

Monika Doshi-

Very Talented with demeanour. A creation of digital platform for skillkraft solutions was her forte.